Opinion, Terrorism

Be Human

What I don’t understand is how can an act of hatred be considered Godly or an act committed in His veneration!

How do you look the children in the eye and kill them? Not one, not two but a 130+ little innocent children. They are the future, these children. How do you destroy your future and make it seem like an act of religious observance.

This is bigotry. Terrorism in its most heinous form.

When terrorism killed children before this, it usually was part of a larger incident. An unfortunate incident that targeted other human beings, older human beings. I do not comply with any pattern of killing people and endorse it as okay but I want to point out why this time this attack makes more noise and why this attack concerns me more than other attacks that have happened in the past.

Listen to me terrorists,

I don’t see the point of your ‘war’. Your cause is lost on me. When you kill, the generic God sheds a tear. He teaches humanity and love and co-existence. 

Listen Indians and Pakistanis,
This is not an isolated incident and so it will not be dealt with in isolation. There will be anger. But the show of solidarity, love and understanding that was shown with the hashtag #IndiaWithPakistan in the last 24 hours makes me sigh. Did we really need an incident so heart-wrenching to bring it to the fore? But let this be the first and the last time something like this happens. Keep the flame alive and let it burn you. Unite to punish the forces that killed our children. Create a force so strong that the thought of harming people and children especially must instill fear in these terrorists. 

Lets make a better world. 

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