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The Boho Spirit


Of late, the word has been overheard a lot more than usual. It is well established as a fashion trend which signifies colour, fringes, exotic patterns, exuberance and free spirits. But a Boho spirit is much more than a colourful palette. It is a chosen way of life and to understand Bohemianism properly, it is essential to understand the basic idea behind the whole ideology.

Bohemianism can be ordinarily put as a simple and nomadic lifestyle.The people who adopt this culture/lifestyle usually live a near-poor life of no worry and travel a lot in pursuit of art or culture. And it is all by choice. It is the vagabond and the gypsy style of their life that leads them on to adorn the garb and the ways of all the colourful people they meet on their journey. Hence the wayward nature of how they dress, decorate their homes and lead their lives. Their core beliefs are freedom, truth, love and art. 

In terms of Fashion and Lifestyle, the Boho Chic trend has caught on in the popular culture in ways unimaginable. Here are a few inspirations I could think of off the top of my head.

1) Home Decor inspiration

A caravan tent in place of a conventional patio in the garden. How happy and perfect is that! 

Being boho chic is also being super utilitarian. Here is a perfect example! Using a dusted up ladder as an organiser efficiently.

A dreamcatcher on a pillowcase!

This is supercool at so many levels! 

2) Jewellery inspiration

Exaggerated and mismatched neckpieces define bohemian style.

Silver coin necklaces are the new rage! 

3) Clothing inspiration

Them sleeves! 

4) Hair inspiration

Hair accessories and Wavy locks

Flower tiaras and wreaths


5) Bags inspiration


6) Footwear inspiration

7) Body Art inspiration

Moving forward.

The entire boho lifestyle belief in one sentence.

The cartilage piercings that are spot on! 

Since the Bohemian soul is all about colour and vibrancy, they can inspire one in a lot more ways. For me, the boho soul is all about heavy accessorising, layering my outfits and having a wild crazy energy for life. Cos HECK, that is what being ‘Boho Chic’ should finally mean, shouldn’t it!

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