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7 times you piss off your Photographer!

We photographers are a crazy brunch. And we are also super chill. But when it comes to the nuances of our craft and the people ruining our vibe, we flip the switch and become raging monsters. As clients or friends, these might be the things you did to piss off that photographer friend but were unaware that you did.
Next time around, be warned.

1) Adding filters to the photographs that have already been processed for them by their photographer.

2) Using that free app on your phone to ‘Photoshop’ a body part, thus aesthetically ruining the whole photograph.

3) Making small talk about RAW images and not knowing what RAW actually is.

We know you have read a lot of blogs about Photography on Pinterest and you consider yourself a pro when it comes to camera talk. But God knows I have not gotten a correct answer about the difference between JPEG and RAW from these ‘enthusiasts’.

4) “Dude, you charge so much! It’s just clicking pictures!”

This is true for most part. Yes, our primary goal is to click pictures. But that’s just not it, is it. We have to get all the details right, make sure we haven’t missed a crucial detail or moment or an angle in a shot. Then we spend hours to make sure the colour, composition and the feel of the final photograph is as we visualised it for you, the client. We use expensive equipment, state-of-the-art accessories, travel and other logistic expenses. Please, go ahead and do the math!

5) “Bro! Come to the party. Camera math bhoolna!”


6) Cropping the Photographer’s watermark out while sharing the picture on social media.

If the Photographer superimposes their watermark on the picture, then there’s no way out. But I have seen a number of clients just conveniently cropping the watermark from the corners of the photograph while sharing it on their facebook and twitter. You think it’s no big deal. We think not!

7) “Photoshop that!”

Them, countless photoshop requests.

That is all I have from my end, let me know if there is something in particular that has annoyed you beyond reason. I am sure this post needs a sequel.

Until next time, Cheers! 



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