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My First Professional Assignment

First Shoot EVER!!!!

Coming soon! Baby announcement photograph 🙂

September 21, 2012
It was the day right after my birthday that my cousin talked me into doing her pregnancy shoot. And maybe I was feeling overly confident of my skills as a photographer, I said yes! I was officially treading down the path towards trying to be a professional photographer and earn my living through it. That day, I was scanning Pinterest and Flickr like there was no tomorrow, looking for photo inspirations. There were plenty and I felt belittled each time I came across a professional’s photo shoot albums. I was basically a self-taught photographer with a fancy DSLR and a kit lens. And then there was the cousin who had put her faith in me, I could not let her down.

I chose my home for the shoot because I loved shooting in natural and available light and I knew the lighting in my house at the back of my hand. So I decided to use that to my advantage. We chose mid-afternoon as the perfect time when the light would be the brightest and she would have no morning sickness as she was in the 8th month of pregnancy (Note: More than photographing a child, shooting a pregnant woman in her third trimester is the most challenging. Her health should be the primary concern and the photographer should never attempt a shot at a place they are not familiar with)

And then, we began…! 
A few of the photographs from my first creative photo shoot.
One of the ‘gender of the baby’ announcement pictures. It’s a boy! 

Photographs against interesting backgrounds

One of my all-time favourites. With all the plush soft toys and baby stuff.

The Mum, The Dad and the baby booties!

The fun parents photograph

I used a variety of properties for the shoot, but more on the essentials for a maternity shoot in another post. 
Till then, happy shooting! 


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