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Breathe, Intolerants. Breathe.

This is not a rant about how people are going ballistic over other people who say that India is transforming into an intolerant state. What is happening all across the news channels, facebook, whatsapp and twitter is a show of intolerance at a much deeper level. Life has come quite the full circle for us citizens. And because internet has a permanent memory, one cannot speak or post anything without the fear of scrutiny of their past activity on social media with a fine tooth comb. The most outrageous part is that you do not even have to be a celebrity to be put to criticism. Internet trolls can get you for what you are. Online harassment and shaming is far more deep rooted to be discussed loosely here, but this is where it begins – the word of the year – Intolerance

Spare me the honour of being a leftist or a rightist or an elitist or an exorcist for posting this at a time when the social media is going bonkers over Aamir Khan. I got no feelings for the man, like I got no reaction for Anupam Kher being pro-Modi. Let me correct that, I have a reaction alright, but it is not facebook-worthy. Every single time, a ‘celebrity’ has a brain-fart, I want to be able to just shrug over their lack of common sense, hurl an abuse or two and go back to doing whatever unproductive procrastinating I was doing prior to that. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do care about my country. I watched all the Satyameva Jayate episodes, I know the problems India is facing. More recently I have made myself aware to the many more problems courtesy of On Air with AIB. I know for a fact that if I had to deal with these said problems, I will have to get my face off of that smartphone and look around, talk to people and stuff and work maybe. 

The point is : Not everything needs to be posted on facebook. An occasional jibe, fine, understandable. But Facebook is not twitter where you post daily updates about who you think is a prize-a**
You also do not have to tweet about every little thing that happens across the country, unless you are a stand-up comic. I harbour a bias towards them, for they make twitter tolerable. And unless you are a Kardashian whose opinions people don’t really take seriously, quit harbouring angst, hatred and disgust on social media platforms. You may be starting a chain of reactions that will poison many a ears. 
If you have a strong reaction, sit around the dinner table with your family and discuss it to get more perspectives to it. And when you have an informed opinion, more factual and resilient, be my guest and post it on your wall. Try and stop being offensive in communal/religious/political ways, we have enough goons trying to ruin day-to-day with things these. Spread kindness and virtue and some good humour. Lord knows we all have forgotten to laugh.
If you are doing this trolling madness for that notifications tab to blip continuously, please share pictures. Of your wife, your baby, your weekend escapades to Khandala or your new iphone. Guaranteed likes. That should keep you happy and content.

The point of interacting with your friends and acquaintances on the social media was primarily to be ‘social’ without the hassle of meeting up with them daily. To basically keep in touch. Don’t be that person who has a troll-ish retort to every morning to a news headline. We have enough creeps all over the internet, don’t be one of them.
I am probably sounding preachy right about now, so I will stop.  


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