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#Photostory : Sunday Afternoon

Photo story (meaning) : A story illustrated with sequential photographs in the manner of a comic strip.

Photostories intend to tell a story or explain a brief scene in the form a photographic series. This particular series is called Sunday afternoon. Some context here: The protagonist of the series, Suhana, is a natural brat and to sit still is hardly in her nature. This set of photographs happened on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I would appreciate any feedback you, the viewer, may have. 
Happy viewing

Sunday is a lazy day. Suhana, the naughty one, was up at 6 in the morning. One by one, she woke up the entire household by jumping up and down on the bed. By noon, she was done with her lunch and was sitting quietly on the floor thinking about what to break next. In a last ditch attempt to distract her, her mother offered to get her some chocolate milkshake if she stay put.

It worked.

Content and now with a full tummy, little Suhana climbs the sofa

Having woken up so early in the morning, Suhana starts to feel sleepy. 

Just lying down…


Sleeping at last! 


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