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#MovieReview : Sarrainodu (2016)

I love the Indian film industry. They set so much footage in store for the actor of the movie, it’s insane! He gets all the attention, all the (cool?) dance moves and all the women. In fact, the writers seem to think it unnecessary to weave an actual plot in their movies for this very reason. Sarrainodu (meaning ‘the correct man’) is one such movie which has its tone set in hero worship.

I cannot get myself to summarise the entire movie in writing, I think I might not be able to do justice. All you need to know about the movie is that Allu Arjun is the good guy with martial arts like skills that are almost supernatural. Nothing can wound the hero. Then, there is a bad guy and his father (for the spoilt son angle) 

Our hero is unemployed, is sufficiently rich, hits on the young and single MLA, decides to marry another damsel, decapitates bad guys and occasionally provides comic relief minutes before he springs into action against goons in the movie. The bad guy does, well, bad things. The hero and the villain cross paths and surprise surprise, the hero kills the bad guy in the end. 

Now, for my take on the movie! Being an avid hindi movie viewer, watching a telugu movie is a novelty. I will go all out on the limb here and confess, despite the obviousness of the plot I rather enjoyed the movie.
Here’s why:
1. I hardly understood the dialogues but the visual impact of the dialogue delivery left me quite amused.
2. The absolute hilarity with which the events of the movie transpired. They were unreal and laughable and I did have a good laugh.
3. The popcorn was really good! 

Sarrainodu in two words: Plot-less and Unnecessary  

So much for hero worship! 


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