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#TrendAlert : Chokers and How to style them!

Minimal Jewellery is the current accessorising trend right now. And an extension to this hot trend are chokers.

With all the trends from the 90’s making a solid comeback, it is no surprise that chokers are so hot right now! Chokers are versatile, fashionably light and make a lasting statement. From the basic black chokers to elaborate layered pieces with gold and stone embellishments, there is one perfect choker for every outfit. 

Unlike what many think, accessorising with a choker need not necessarily make you look goth! Follow these basic style tips to make your choker look work for you:

1) Always keep the choker understated if you are wearing it in the day. They can be thinner, with probably an embellishment or two for the added glitz
2) Experiment with colourful chokers or chokers with a slight colour pop to wear on your monochrome outfit. Wearing an all black ensemble with a black choker will definitely not un-goth your look.
3) When in doubt, layer your solid coloured choker with dainty gold or silver chains. The choice of the metallic tone totally depends on your personal taste. 
4) I say it with love when I ask you to ditch the elastic chokers. They are too ‘been there, done that’. It is time you moved on to chokers that are either lace or suede or just a satin strap.
5) If you do not own a bright and solid coloured choker for your outfit, the removable bra strap will make for the perfect choker. Added bonus? They are super soft on your skin!

Be it a dress or a pair of jeans or a traditional lehenga skirt that you are planning on wearing, there is a perfect choker necklace for you.
Dress : Choose lace and dainty metal chokers with floral embellishments
Jeans : Your standard black chokers, in all the variations you can imagine. Even if you choose colours, stick to solid colours and avoid prints and designs.
Traditional : Polki to the rescue! There are countless chokers made out of polki and pearls that will go best with a traditional outfit of your choice. If you are looking for silver toned chokers, go boho-chic!!!

You can shop the choker trend right here
You can also order these limited pieces by filling the order form right here. The prices and the choker styles are mentioned below 🙂
Layered Choker and Gold Necklace
Price – 250/-

Studded Black Choker
Price – 210/-

Basic Black Choker with Tassel (available colours Red and Black)
Price – 210/-

Layered Choker with Black Stone
Price – 250/-

Dreamcatcher Choker
Price – 250/-

Snake Chain Choker (available in Red)
Price – 250/-

Tie-around Choker
Price – 190/-

Circle Link Choker
Price – 210/-

Gold Collar Cuff
Price – 290/-

Shells and silver Choker
Price – 290/-

Rhinestone and Pearls Choker
Price – 320/-

Antique Silver Choker Necklace
Price – 390/-


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