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Review | Soul Corallium Baby Blanket


If this hyperbole does not do justice to what I feel about this product, nothing else will. From the time the good people at Soul sent this blanket to me, I have not used anything else for the baby.
It is first of all, a baby blanket. It also doubles up as
a) Swaddle 
b) Shawl for Mumma
c) Receiving Blanket
d) Emergency playmat (when folded in fours)

I attended a full blown two day wedding, travelled cities and went about my day to day with Baby Hashtag with only this blanket in tow as it serves a lot of purposes. 

About the product:
The Corallium print handwoven cloth is probably one of the most popular prints by Soul. The colour is so happy and the print too. It does not get dirty very easily and looks fresh after every wash. Unlike a few other blankets that I have used for the baby which start to show regular wear and tear with each wash. The fabric does not react with the baby’s skin and is always the right temperature. It is neither too hot, nor too cold. Just about right. 

Wash and Care:
Wash the blanket in lukewarm to cold water with a mild detergent. Keep it soaked for a few minutes if you think it needs it, otherwise you can wash it right away. Avoid the brush! It is a soft and supple material, brushing it would just ruin the texture and make it coarse. 

My Verdict:
We pretty much do an evening outing everyday, Baby Hashtag, her papa and I. Papa Hashtag usually takes the baby along first and waits for me while I grab the things, the keys and join them. The only thing Papa reaches for is the Soul Blanket (which we call Soul at home now). That is how much we are in love with the blanket. It is a practical buy and if you looking to buy, go right ahead. It is also a very handy gifting option for parents-to-be as a lot of their prints are not gender-specific at all. It is not too bulky and fits in the diaper bag way too easily. All in all, a great product.

During the wedding, the blanket made for a great accessory for Papa Hashtag to hold the baby.

While travelling, in the train.

My Constant accessories: Camera, diaper bag and the Soul Blanket

You can choose from a wide range of designs and colours:

You can also head over to their website to explore more products:


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