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O for Oxymoronic Lives | AtoZ Challenge

There was this song in some random Bollywood movie I heard a long time ago. I could probably Google the movie by the name of the song and might as well mention the name here. But I think it would just be a waste of time, just like those 10 seconds you must have wasted reading about how I could Google up a movie’s name although I didn’t want to. Anyway, back to the song. It was called ‘We are same same but different’. That was the hook line. We are same same but different. We are same same but different. How can two people by same same but different? That song was lost on me and so was logic. So I left it at that.

Years later, I learnt this fancy schmancy term called oxymoron. Basically, an oxymoron is a phrase or a sentence that has two completely opposite elements in the same phrase/sentence. Same difference is the simplest example of an oxymoron. Why I am rambling about a grammatical term you might ask. I have a theory. We are all leading oxymoronic lives. Let me explain.

We are born as babies. We grow into toddlers, then children, eventually into adults who have to well, be adult about every damn thing in life. Everything that you did as a child : eating mud, running behind squirrels, sneezing and not bothering to clean your nose after, eating off of the floor, pelting stones at the mangoes in the neighbour’s garden, chasing away stray dogs, shouting at the top of your voice from the terrace. Everything. All of it suddenly becomes taboo for your own children when you are adulting. When you become a parent, you suddenly acquire a (false?) sense of responsibility which lets you to believe that you need to stop your babies and kids from doing certain things. But think back. When you were stopped back when you were kids, did you stop? And even if you did stop, did you like that person who brought about that change in your life? No right! Assess yourself then. Why lead a lifetime that are two ends of a polar opposite. Why not find your own way!

If you want to be oxymoronic, be weirdly normal. Not  passive aggressive or typically weird.

See you tomorrow with the next letter in the daily blogging challenge. Until then.


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