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Q for Quadrilaterals | AtoZ Challenge

Ever since I have started this daily blogging challenge, I have found myself dishing out weird life advices. I am surprised with myself. Today’s letter got me instantly forming another theory about living in general. On the risk of sounding extremely preachy and crazy, let me share this one with you as well.

I believe in the power of numbers. Not magical powers. But the whole idea of something divided into a certain number appeals to me more than the whole. Even the books I use have subject divisions. I don’t use a lot of things singularly, I usually have pairs or a certain number of them. Usually it’s either 4 or 7. This fixation of mine with numbers, I cannot even begin to explain but I’ve had an inclination to maintain it pretty much all my life. I know a lot of people are obsessed with even numbers. Odd channels numbers and odd numbers as air conditioner temperature troubles them. But my fixation is not that. My obsession comes from the need to be different. It’s not bordering on OCD, it’s just a strong desire to stand out and still make sense. Am I making sense so far? 

Please bear with me and read on.

Quadrilaterals. A four sided geometrical figure. In this case, Quadrilaterals is everything in life divided into four parts. Every incident, situation or moment has four meanings or sides to it. People, too, have quadrilateral characters. Linear, one dimensional characteristics in a person are very rare.

Let’s take for instance, babies. Babies, when born, have very basic lives. Their needs are limited. Food-Sleep-Poop/Pee-Snuggle/Play. That’s their basic cycle. The emotions they exhibit in the first few weeks of their life are also four-fold. Hunger-Sleepy-Scared-Happy. More complex sub-emotions develop in them as they grow up but the core feelings remain the same. Adults have needs too. Their everyday life is spent in the pursuit of four things. Sustenance-Necessity-Pleasure-Luxury. ANYTHING one wants in life can be categorised into any one of the above brackets. That is why I believe that we are living the life in Quadrilaterals.

If this thought process tweaks your imagination or you have something to add to it, I would be happy to listen to your take.

Until tomorrow. Cheers!

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