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U for Unwind | AtoZ Challenge

More often than not, I need a break from the regular day to day to get my mojo back on and begin my daily hustle. I am not an extremely artistic person so unwinding from the routine does not include painting a landscape. I indulge myself in a lot of little activities.

Here is a list of 25 things I do to unwind

1. Read a book, preferably Harry Potter.
2. Browse Pinterest.
3. Doodle randomly or draw Mandalas.
4. Video call/Voice call my mum.
5. Clean the wardrobe and arrange everything.
6. Binge eating or eating my way through a Bhel Puri which is stuffed with all sorts of vegetables.
7. Watch reruns of Modern Family.
8. Wear the baby and go out exploring the neighbours.
9. Watching kids play
10. Watching Baby Hashtag’s old videos and photographs.
11. Design photobooks for personal use.
12. Indulge in some simple DIY projects at home that does not take more than 15 minutes each.
13. Browse through Amazon and probably end up buying a few things.
14. Listening and dancing to music.
15. Watch standup comedy videos on YouTube.
16. Randomly photograph things at home to create a photo series.
17. Escape to the terrace of the building and spend some time looking and thinking about nothing.
18. Watch cooking videos.
19. Curate products for the store I run and take pictures to put them online for sale.
20. Type random notes on the phone.
21. Sleep, if the baby allows it.
22. Walk around aimlessly with the baby, preferably outdoors, if the weather allows it.
23. Catch up on some correspondance with friends and family.
24. Make a budget, plan the activities for the remainder of the month.
25. Browse through social media aimlessly.
What’s your way to unwind?

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