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Y fot Yesterday | AtoZ Challenge

Dear Baby Hashtag,

Like how you are crossing milestones by the minute, your mum too crossed hers. My milestones were nowhere nearly as significant as yours but they matter, because they all led me to you. What is crazier is that everything that has happened in the past feels so fresh. Like it all happened yesterday.

It was just yesterday I had graduated from college, full of zeal and enthusiasm. I was ready to take on the world. I still did not know what I wanted out of life though. I decided to take it as it comes.

It was just yesterday that I met a man in the most unexpected of places and we became friends in the most unusual way. Normally, I would be wary of talking to anyone within days of knowing them. But the rapport with this person just hit it off and we became insane friends.

It was just yesterday when I lit my Papa’s funeral fire. He was my hero, and watching him crumble broke something in me that day.

It was just yesterday, when my little family tried with all it’s might to move on and recover from the loss of all the elderw in the house within a couple of years. My mother became my friend and my uncle and aunt, my heroes.

It was just yesterday, when my uncle (whom now I call Bhai) took it upon himself to get me married to the man I love. He waded through every obstacle and made sure I got there in the end.

It was only yesterday, when I first woke up in my new home post marriage. I was so overwhelmed and oh so excited. I misses home too.

It was only yesterday when we first that result tested positive. Everyone was so happy.

Nine months post that day, you were born, little one. It’s still so fresh. Feels like it was all happening yesterday.

No matter how new everything felt to me, you are growing at a rate that has me alarmed. Now that I remember, you rolled over for the first time over a month ago but silly me, to think it was only yesterday.  Oh, how I will miss tending to your newborn self. As much as I am excited to see you grow, I somehow want to relive all our yesterdays with you.

Please don’t grow up so fast.

Mumma Hashtag

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