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Baby Hashtag speaks | My fifth month

I am six months old. SIX MONTHS OLD.
I was so little last month! I had only just started enjoying being an infant and now suddenly I am halfway done being one. This is so not cool! I wanted to be a teensy little baby a little longer. I was basking in the attention I was being given and I did not even have to respond to get a smile or a cuddle. This is so not done. I am so mad I could throw a tantrum which I am doing already, if you got the drift of what I was saying so far.

So getting right into it. Fifth month. The fifth month of my life was oh-so-good. For oh-so-many reasons.

There were no vaccinations this month! Woohoo. This is also my first summer. And apparently it is very hot. I, for one, do not get the full blast of the heat thanks to mumma and an overly doting papa. Even if it is hot in the slightest, he will take off my pajamas the very instant. On the other hand, if it gets windy, he puts on a cap on my head at the speed of lightening. I have to say I am enjoying this immensely. So no complains there.

Towards the end of the first week of the fifth month, I had some sort of a dust/foreign hair allergy on the body which was itchy as hell. But a quick trip to the doctor’s and I was calamine-d and calm. Woot! Mumma and papa are still trying to figure out what the allergy happened from with the outcome being we’ll see if it happens again and compare the two events.  

Way to go guys! 

You see, I now recognise people. So if you scare me, I cry. And I remember that you scare me. So the next time you meet you, I will recollect the scaring part and cry again. I like this recollection that my little brain is doing. It is more reinforced now.

Speaking of recollection, we took a trip to Nani’s in the second week and stayed there almost three weeks. Since I spent the first two months of life at Nani’s, everyone was pretty confident that I would respond well to them. But wait, when did I ever bow to popular consensus? Naturally, a tantrum follows and everyone at Nani’s spent the next 48 hours trying to coax me, bribe me with gifts, shiny objects and songs. Well, I like all of those. So I warmed up to them.

Before I divulge more details about the stay at Nani’s, you have got to know about my train journey to Hyderabad. So, this was was my second trip by train (the first being the time when mumma papa got me home from Hyderabad) I was all set to have a great time and honestly, I was expecting some great memories. 

Anyhoo we were booked in the 3 tier AC bogey and there began the longest day of my life. Not one, not two, there were about a dozen kids in that one bogey and all under 2 years of age. I was ready to be well behaved and sleep on time but if someone messes with my sleep, then that triggers my switch. Somewhere around midnight when a baby cried (through which I happily snoozed) his granny decided that would be the best time to switch on all the lights and bajao the rattle. Loudly. I get trying to put the baby to sleep but this is insanity. Needless to say, my slumber was disrupted and I did not sleep the whole night because, well, tantrums. We got down at the station at 7 in the morning and I dozed off in the car ride to Nani’s home after which Mumma Papa and I caught up on our sleep.

I had fun at Nani’s. My favourite is Golu Maasi. She talks to me like an adult but looks like a kid only so I enjoy her company. A lot of mumma’s friends came over to meet me while I was Nani’s home. Meenu maasi, Sushee maasi, Nandu maasi and Jo maasi and I was my indulgent charming self as always so you can safely say I wooed them. 

Nani makes this clicking noise with her tongue that drives me crazy bonkers and jumpy. I love that. I also loved the insane drives mumma took me on EVERY evening. Mumma also bought me my first books. I like to chew them. Actually, I like to chew everything. That is one of my most favourite things to do. There were a lot of mosquitoes in Hyderabad and thankfully the Mamaearth insect repellant came in handy. I like how it smells. 

I have plenty of new and different favourites now.
‘Haareya’ from Meri pyaari bindu is my favourite song now. And I absolutely love it when Papa sings it to me. I love dancing to ‘Kaala Chashma’ and ‘Shape of you’
More than these songs I really enjoy the ‘Animals Song’ that mumma plays on her phone. 

This was also the month of firsts. I went to a shopping mall for the first time. I also nursed in a shopping mall for the first time. Mumma went crazy and took a lot of mirror selfies with me. I also fell into a fixed daily routine and lucky for mumma I fall asleep by 10 to 10.30 pm every night. So yay to that! 

I spent most of my fifth month on my stomach trying to creep further. By the end of the month, I did get on my fours for just a bit. I see a fun sixth month ahead, with lot of crawling trials and mishaps. Good luck to mumma! Oooh and I also managed to sit up unsupported, albeit only for a few seconds! Also, I will begin eating semi solid food, that’s what mumma says. I am not in a hurry, to tell you the truth but like all adventures, I will not say no to this one as well. 


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