Baby Hashtag speaks | My Seventh Month

What do you know! Time flies. 
So technically, I turned 10 months old when October  started and I should have been writing monthly accounts of my life as they went by. But no, here I am, recounting the seventh month of my first year of life because generally mum and I have been excessively swamped with things. July, the Seventh month of my life was a lot less eventful than the others to be honest.

Read on to see what interesting things happened in that month:

To give you a flashback, we started weaning traditionally which meant that I got to eat mashed purees and lentil water. I ate perfectly well for two seconds after which it started tasting yucky and the whole exercise of sitting and eating on a chair was lost on me. I don’t see the necessity of being strapped to a chair while someone else feeds you spoonfuls of what they call ‘food’. First, it’s not food. Second, it’s mighty boring now that I can get on all fours and crawl a little. I don’t see this fuss grownups make about sitting and resting. I can’t wait for the time when I can run, let alone walk. Adults are such whiners I tell you.

Anyhoo, so keeping up with the rant. Mealtimes basically suck. Since I am only 7 months old now I am fed only one meal but Mumma says I have got to eat cos the frequency will increase. I was like ‘What did you say woman!!’ As a protest, I started rejecting food altogether and that is when the real hustle started. Mumma tried EVERYTHING to make me eat but I have a steel resolve. She even coaxed me into eating this abomination called Cerelac. Yuck. Finally, she gave in.

‘Phew! No more food!’

But she had other plans. She sat me down on the booster one day and just put boiled pieces of potato in front of me. What is written below are the exact thoughts I had at that moment:

“Yeah right. Like that would make me eat. But wait, what do these potatoes feel like? I’ve never touched one! Ooh it’s squishy. Wonder how it tastes like. Maybe I should put it in my mouth. But wait, that’s what Mumma wants. I won’t let her win. But one bite won’t really count as eating, will It? I could just take a bite. Ok that’s not bad tasting at all. I could eat more of this. Oooh I have 4 more pieces of potato that I can squish and eat. Yay. Wait, she made me eat. Well played Mumma!!!”

Long story short, my seventh month went by with me trying hard to resist eating and finally giving in when Mumma introduced me to Baby led weaning. Slowly but steadily, I took a liking to eating more so because I was the one eating it and I enjoyed handling my own food and putting it in the mouth. I still hold food in my fist and that’s why the pieces offered to me were slightly bigger.

Mumma says she will write about my weaning journey so far in a separate post very soon so you can expect it in a year or two.

While we are at it, last month Mumma and I crossed a big milestone in parenting and that is of being exclusively breastfed. More on this and other weaning tips in the post that Mumma apparently promised. *wink*

I can also crawl. I crawl on the bed mostly cos I fall head first after crawling for a few seconds. It’s funny when it happens on the bed but it’s a whole lot painful when it’s on the floor. So the bed it is. But that’s just for now.

I now nap in the crib whose fourth side has been reattched but later into the night I am usually back on the bed after a little bit of crying. Apart from waking up a couple of times in the night to nurse, I pretty much the whole night. Being cute is a tiring job after all. I speak perfect Gibberish but people around me don’t get it.

My favourite toy is the block stacker from Fisher price and the desktop mouse which I now have successfully spoilt. I have a trip planned in the beginning of August about which I have plenty to talk about so watch out for the next post you guys! Since Mumma and I are lagging behind in our monthly account schedule by a lot, you can expect the eighth month post within a week. See you then.

Lots of love,
Baby Hashtag 


18 thoughts on “Baby Hashtag speaks | My Seventh Month”

  1. I love how you’re documenting everything! How I wish I had the patience like you. Infact, I created an email ID for her when I was pregnant and I used to write letters to her. But then I delivered and Instagram happened 🙈


  2. How beautiful to make this in baby talk. I still cannot succeed in making babyT eat potatoes. But yes I think I also got frustrated and eventually left pieces in his tray and let him eat.


  3. Lovely post very beautifully you have penned down the baby’s talk looking forward for the eighth month.. Your BLW is going great I’m waiting when my baby starts eating by himself .


  4. As always, Baby Hashtag did not disappoint! Sassy AND funny! And baby, I am with your mumma on this, I haven’t posted a single BLW update since we started over 7 months ago. But it’s super cool to be independent and eat your own food, right? You’re amazing. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures 😀


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