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Baby Hashtag speaks | My Eighth Month 

Baby Hashtag is going to be one in a month’s time and I am publishing her 8th month account now. Why? Because now the baby is mobile and walking, creating absolute havoc and that keeps me occupied for most part of the day. So here’s is her 8th month life account in her own words.

Hello hello hello. I just entered the last quarter of the first year of my life and I am so thrilled. I feel like a grownup all of a sudden.

August has been the craziest month of my life so far. I spent nearly 2 weeks travelling, one week getting better from the viral fever that rattled me and the remainder trying to break things around the house. Although the viral did not really rattle me, it left me edgy and irritable for days which I hated. But apparently there is only so much you can do about it so I just let it be. Within a couple of days although I still had a slight fever, I was back to being my old jumpy self wrecking the house and cruising everywhere.

I am now a cruiser. I am put in the Walker and I travel with agility from one point in the house to the other in a second. My most favourite place at home is the kitchen which I can raid all the time. There is so much for me to play with in there: Spoons, ladles, grocery bags, containers, water cans. It’s crazy!

Travelling has become part of my monthly routine. Ever since birth I have travelled incessantly and have pretty much used all modes of transportation. But August is special. Because this is the first time, mumma and I are flying solo. We took a weeklong trip to Bengaluru where I could meet both sets of my great grandparents. Both Mumma’s and Papa’s grandparents and their families live in Bengaluru and I got to meet them. How cool is that! Cool for others obviously. But meeting new people is not something I am down with. When it comes to meeting new People, I have a system.

Let me explain.

Like everything else in life, anything new apart from mumma and papa scares me a lot. I am wary of anything and everything new. So meeting new people and looking at new faces is just as terrifying. Also I recognise mumma and papa a little better than I did last month, so I cling to them a little more than I did last month. I am developing object permanence which means that when something I am looking at goes away out of my sight, I know it is around so I’ll look for it. But in the case of my mum, if I cannot see her I scream bloody murder cos I also have separation anxiety.

Back to my travelling adventures. I was in Bangalore for the first 10 days of the month and I clung to mumma all the time. I did loosen up a bit and warmed up to my great grandparents but by the time I could completely recognise them and get comfortable with them, it was time for me to head back home.

Towards the end of the month, I no longer land face first on the floor when I crawl. I am now a full blown crawler. I enjoy my walker and prancing around the house in it. I have also started pulling myself up with support and stand.

I was travelling again in the last week of this month when we made an impromptu trip to Hyderabad. We took the train this time around cos we were travelling with Papa and he can handle my temper tantrums like a boss. Much less like Mumma who throws up her hands in exasperation whenever I have a meltdown. I hardly have a meltdown and when I do, I deserve some major royal treatment. Is that too much to ask for!

Papa gives me that special attention so I love being with him. It’s fun. Mumma is the third wheel. I love her most of the times, but she can get a little squeaky and shrieky on occasion. Always complaining about the lack of sleep. I mean seriously! Who doesn’t like to get to get up in the middle of the night at 2 am (fresh as a daisy) and play. She should be happy that I let her play with me. And most days she does. But when she complains, I like her a little less. Then she bathes me, feeds me, nurses me, plays with me and puts me to sleep. I start liking her more then.

Food wise, I have graduated to finger foods. We are still majorly trying baby led weaning for most parts. Potatoes are my favourite. So are bananas and brocollis.
That is all that I can recall that had happened in my eighth month. It only gets more fun from here! Keep a lookout for my 9th month account. Byeeeeee.


9 thoughts on “Baby Hashtag speaks | My Eighth Month ”

  1. This is super delightful read. So well written. Loving this narrative. You have explained the concepts of object permanence and separation anxiety very nicely.


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