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Baby Hashtag speaks | I hate (part 2)

Hello lovely people, hope you all are doing wonderful today. I now greet people because I am no longer a baby. I have graduated to toddlerhood. And what a fun ride it has been so far, mostly for me. Mumma is not too thrilled with me toddelr-ing but we’ll just put a pin on that thought for the interim.

If you guys remember, I wrote about the five things I hated exactly a year ago. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here.

It is about time that I update the list. I am not a baby anymore and I don’t really hate or dislike all those things I did back when I was a little, well, baby.

Want to know about all those things I hate? Read on.

1. Getting my hair washed

What is with this shampoo routine every second day. I have a head full of hair which grows like wild weed. As if this weren’t enough, I need to put myself through a whole shampoo-hairwash routine thrice a week to maintain it! I hate water on my head. In fact I hate water anywhere near my face and upwards. Bath tubs I am cool with but the whole shampoo deal is flipping me out. Mumma thinks it’s ok cos the shampoo is apparently ‘no tears’ but what about my tears. From when I cry. Has no one got any heart for that. Ofcourse, the crying is all a little dramatic. But I don’t want no water on my wispy hair. Let’s clear that out!!!

2. Getting dressed

I find wearing clothes much too redundant. I am going to be messy and ruin them anyway, what’s the point of dressing me up in impeccably sharp looking clothes. And what’s the deal with these diapers. Both cloth and disposable. Why am I to contain anything that is supposed to go out of my body anyway. Anybody care to explain? While we are at it, let’s talk about how ridiculous hairbands and caps are. Socks and shoes I’m cool with. As of now.

3. Sitting in one place

Sitting down is for adults. It’s only been 4 months since I have discovered walking. And it is soooo fun! Cruising from one room in the house to another, picking up things along the way. Some go into my mouth, some go on the floor. I cannot reach the balcony yet but when I do, the things I don’t like will just be thrown out. Mumma calls me the wrecker. I call it scientific curiosity.


4. Adults

I’m not the one to socialise. Well, if you are a kid or a young person under the age of 15, you are allowed to talk to me. Whether or not I reply or play along is a completely different issue altogether but I will not scream bloody murder when you approach me. But if you are an adult, chances are I’m going to hate you. Not if I see you everyday and get used to you. Then I will not flinch at your sight. But if you are new to me and you come home, keep your expectations super low.

5. Things being snatched away from me

I know this is super specific but this is also the most irritating thing ever. I HATE it when I find something to play with and when someone spots it, they distract me and take it away from me. I’m not a baby anymore, I know when things aren’t in the place where they were earlier. I have object permanence now, remember. But apparently some things are too ‘harmful’ for me to be playing with. Finders are not keepers in this house. Hmphhh!

These five things make the cut for all the things I absolutely dislike all the time. There are a few things, however, that I occasionally do not like. Like being fed. I am more of a ‘eat my own food, feed my own self’ kind of person. I hate it when I am stopped from making a mess. I also do not like the Kiwi fruit for reasons even I cannot fathom. I hate it when Papa leaves to go to the office. I also hate it when no one claps when I clap. It is an unwritten rule in the house that when I clap, the household must follow suit, or I get offended. I could go on and on but I think this should stop now.

Also, expect more posts from me soon-ish!

Bye byeeee.


8 thoughts on “Baby Hashtag speaks | I hate (part 2)”

  1. Love reading your thoughts little one! I know your Mommy is gearing up for such a list to expand to 10..then 20 & so on Coz once you are nearing terrible two’s, you are going to hate even holding mommy’s hand, wearing socks, getting your hair combed etc etc!


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