100 Words, Disha Bhandari, Potterhead

100 Words | A for Amortentia

I remind people of treacle tart, new parchment, freshly mown grass and a broomstick handle. I smell like the hair of the people they dearly love.

I am all but a brew. But a mighty powerful one. So much so that Slughorn refers to me as one of the deadliest potion known to wizards.

I run in a large fountain in the Department of Mysteries. The Love room, they call it.


I do not create love. I create deep seated desire. Love cannot be replicated. Ask Riddle, he got the bitter end of my charm. For because of me, he never knew love.

This post is part of the 100 Words Challenge started by Nikita Azad of www.mrswritesalatte.com

I started in the first week of January but hardly kept up with the next few weeks. Catching up with the first five weeks now with prompts all related to the Potterverse.


15 thoughts on “100 Words | A for Amortentia”

  1. I’m not a big fan of potter series, but my brother & husband is.. I always like your post & blog you’re the amazing one.. Best wishes for your 100 words journey.


  2. Lovely post. Brings up so many vivid scenes. I wouldnโ€™t be able to complete such a challenge myself, great attempt on your behalf.


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