Disha Bhandari

Sanitisers | Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

The importance of hygiene can never be over emphasised. Especially after having children, your worldview of hygiene and cleanliness becomes very microscopic and you scan each and everything that could potentially be touched by you or your baby. Some early habits we inculcate in our babies include washing hands constantly for the major part. To be completely honest, the obsessive need to wash hands after every chore is tedious as it is repetitive. It is in coherence with me being lazy and still being hygienic that I use sanitisers all too often.

I discovered the sanitiser in the year 2008 back when it was a constant used in almost all the big hospitals. After a few months, sanitiser bottles made an appearance in the public restrooms of big hospitality centres like hotels, restaurants, malls and airports. But carrying around a sanitiser was still a habit that hadn’t caught on because the at the time their consistency would be flowy and travelling with a fluid filled bottle anywhere was nothing less than a hassle.

Enter gel based sanitisers.

Travel size packs of sanitisers have hands become a staple of all our handbags and carry along bags. No trip, big or small is complete without a hand sanitiser. Such is it’s importance. I, for one, am super fond of how they help me clean up and not worry about disease carrying germs.

If you are not convinced, or do not have a sanitiser in your bag already, here are some reasons you must try them.

1. No hand wash hassle or the hustle to look for a wash basin or a washing station whenever you at do it or visit some place. Out comes the sanitiser and voila! your work is done.

2. That fragrance though! Who does not like the strong scrubby fragrance that the sanitiser leaves in it’s aftermath. I have not met anyone who isn’t too fond of that smell.

3. Helps avoid wastage. Think about it, washing hands and cleaning them is just another way we create a lot of waste. Water, tissues and towels, all dirtied and thrown in the trash only to generate more waste. Sanitiser helps you reduce all that.

4. Approved by medical practitioners. And trusted too.

5. A quick mood lightener. I don’t know about others, but rubbing my hands with the sanitisers makes me real fresh and uplifts my mood. Try it if you still haven’t.

If you are a fan of flavours and are not a fan of the strong medicinal smell that comes with a Sanitiser, you must try the Himalaya Wellness range of PureHands hand sanitizer. They come in handy 100ml packaging and kills 99.9% of disease causing germs.

They come in five fragrant variants:

1. Regular

2. Litchi

3. Green Apple

4. Strawberry

5. Orange

The orange flavoured variant is my personal favourite and the citrussy fragrance it leaves behind is loved by #BabyHashtag as well.

I made the switch to the Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer quite a while ago and we have been using them ever since. It’s a staple in my diaper bag and my vanity and I strongly recommend the same.


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