Disha Bhandari

A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

It’s happening!

Last year, I joined in the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge in the middle and as a result I could not complete it. I did stick to schedule on the assigned days after I joined in. That’s when I swore that I would do this again next year because it was extremely challenging and super fun.

Last year was all about scattered thoughts and blog posts that were heartfelt but had no singular theme. This year, let’s change that. I’ve been racking my mind about the theme I wanted to write on this year. After days of putting proper thought into it, it finally stuck me. Let’s do what I do best. Let Baby Hashtag take over along with me.


Here’s the big reveal.

My theme for the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge is #BabyHashtagSpeaks. Well mostly. I will take over on some days but I will be blogging about my life with Baby Hashtag and nothing else.

Follow the blog for the fun has only started. The combined sass of #BabyHashtag and her mom awaits you!


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