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A for Abibliophobia | #BabyHashtagSpeaks

Hello hello HELLO!

Baby Hashtag here.

Let me give you a little background on what I’m doing here, taking over my mom’s blog. So April has started and with it, my mother has taken up the A to Z Blogging Challenege and she has decided I will be doing this all month. The theme for her challenge is #BabyHashtagSpeaks so here I am. Delivering what has been assigned to me.

The letter for today is A.

Just the other day, I was done with my meal and as usual mumma removed the tray off the booster chair and went away to the kitchen to tidy up. I usually linger behind in my chair and get up in a minute or two.

A little context.

I do not eat when the television is on or there is a phone around. Let me correct that. I can not eat when there are videos playing because I get distracted instantly. So mumma has been keeping up with the habit of feeding me in my booster chair for every meal from the time I was 7 months old. We have the daily dose of rhymes and songs and most importantly books that keep me company during this time. These books are really the biggest part of my mealtime ritual and honestly I cannot have enough of them.

Cut to the day when I was sitting in the chair by myself while mumma went into the kitchen to complete a chore. Five minutes passed and she got busy with something in the kitchen that needed immediate attention. She hurried back into the room only to find me completely silent, reading a book whilst being surrounded by more books. Why I say reading a book, it is because now I linger on the pages, I try to look past the images and try to connect the visuals to a storyline. It’s quite interesting, this whole exercise.

I was introduced to books when I was about 4 months old. I really enjoyed looking at fun pictures, mostly in black and white in the big board book that mumma got me. While all the reading I did around this time was when I was on my tummy, I could now hold my head up longer so looking at books was fun.

Big bulky board books gave way to small palm sized books when I grew up a little more. When I was 8 months old, I got my first set of small board books which had little stories of a certain farm animal who loved spaghetti and had a younger brother George. Brownie points if you already guessed the character in talking about.

I have a rather envious collection of books, thanks to mumma which I absolutely enjoy reading. Sometimes in the afternoon when Mumma is engrossed in some chore herself, I just pick a book and spend a good 10-15 minutes with it before moving on to running around the house and climbing furniture.

Book by book, my little collection of books has only increased. My only fear? I’m running out of things to read. Last week, I cried my eyes out because I had finally read through all my books and I could not find the new book mumma had bought for me. Two tantrum sessions and half a day later, the book was found and I was happy again.

I see a slight trouble in my future. I’m sure I’m never running out of books to read, I just hope they are all as good as the Eric Carle books. And this fear of running out of good things to read is giving me nightmares already. Mumma says that my abibliophobia is unnecessary, that I can never run out of good reading material if I have the Harry Potter series. I think I’ll be a judge of that when I finally do read it. I’m already fed up of it being read to me!


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