Disha Bhandari

My favourite Saree

This is my absolutest most favourite Saree ever! I wanted to wear this at my second wedding reception but couldn't because of time constraints. The next (and only) time I wore it was at a family wedding and I am 5 months pregnant here. Fast forward to post delivery, weight gain and neglect has made… Continue reading My favourite Saree

Disha Bhandari

Promises, promises

I promised myself last year that I would write more. Because writing for me is more about self-expression than providing information. I would rather someone reads my posts and think along the lines I do, or provides a different perspective but continuing the same chain of thought that I started in the first place. I… Continue reading Promises, promises

Disha Bhandari

How I introduced the concept of oral hygiene to #BabyHashtag

I am writing after a loooong break! Why the long break you ask? Just. I found myself surrounded by a lot of toddler energy and my daily schedule went out the window when teething woes got added to the list. While we are on the topic of teething, let's talk oral hygiene. I've prided myself… Continue reading How I introduced the concept of oral hygiene to #BabyHashtag

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F for Finding the light | Hashtag Disha

The mood around me has been generally sombre this past week. It was a dampening ill health situation at home with the baby and on the national map, the Asifa case has left everyone shocked. I'm not getting into the details of the gory incident. Graphic images and minute details of the whole episode have… Continue reading F for Finding the light | Hashtag Disha

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E for Extraterrestrial Weirdo | #BabyHashtagSpeaks

Hello people! If this is the first time you are reading a post on this blog, let me introduce myself. I am Baby Hashtag. My mother publishes posts on this blog (whenever she is over her procrastination) but I take over the posting duties from time to time to give people an insight into my… Continue reading E for Extraterrestrial Weirdo | #BabyHashtagSpeaks