5 things you don’t need in your post-shaadi life

Disclaimer: All views expressed are my own. Well, some of them are. I've collated information and things that I have overheard at shaadis and social gatherings. I shall address to them as contributors. I cannot really give them credit, for the sole reason that it would cause a lot of unrest in their lives. Unless… Continue reading 5 things you don’t need in your post-shaadi life

Disha Bhandari

The Love Marriage Conundrum

This is the love story(?) of a boy and girl. Let's call him P. Let's call her D. It was the winter of 2009. When they first met, they hardly talked. They noticed each other but there was no communication. Or maybe there was, they will never know. He was the flamboyant, popular, loud boy… Continue reading The Love Marriage Conundrum

100 Words, Disha Bhandari, Potterhead

100 Words | C for Cedric Diggory

I did not fail myself. I died a hero, a smile still plastered across my face. I had just won the Triwizard Cup for my school, why would I not be happy. It was one thing being popular but it was a whole different deal to have been chosen the Hogwarts champion. Ofcourse, I wasn't… Continue reading 100 Words | C for Cedric Diggory

100 Words, Disha Bhandari, Potterhead

100 Words | A for Amortentia

I remind people of treacle tart, new parchment, freshly mown grass and a broomstick handle. I smell like the hair of the people they dearly love. I am all but a brew. But a mighty powerful one. So much so that Slughorn refers to me as one of the deadliest potion known to wizards. I… Continue reading 100 Words | A for Amortentia

Baby Hashtag, Disha Bhandari

Introduction to Solids | Part 1

Hey guys!  I've been wanting to blog about my weaning experiences for the longest time now. And since the topic is so extensive, I decided to do a three part series that will talk about how to introduce solids to your baby. I will blog about the following in these posts: 1. Essentials for introduction… Continue reading Introduction to Solids | Part 1

Baby Hashtag, Sponsored Post

Towards a sustainable future | 5 things I did for #BabyHashtag 

We want the best for our babies but what are we doing to ensure that they have the best of everything, twenty years down the line? I did not know that being a mother was a wholesome job. I call it a job because there is no other word that sits well with wholesome and… Continue reading Towards a sustainable future | 5 things I did for #BabyHashtag