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Hulk-Me, SMASH!

The last time I wrote anything on the blog was over two months ago. And that too was a 'sponsored' post. Let me break it down to you. Most of the content you see on a blog, if in the end it plugs a certain product, 99 percent chances are that it is paid for.… Continue reading Hulk-Me, SMASH!

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F for Finding the light | Hashtag Disha

The mood around me has been generally sombre this past week. It was a dampening ill health situation at home with the baby and on the national map, the Asifa case has left everyone shocked. I'm not getting into the details of the gory incident. Graphic images and minute details of the whole episode have… Continue reading F for Finding the light | Hashtag Disha

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Y fot Yesterday | AtoZ Challenge

Dear Baby Hashtag,Like how you are crossing milestones by the minute, your mum too crossed hers. My milestones were nowhere nearly as significant as yours but they matter, because they all led me to you. What is crazier is that everything that has happened in the past feels so fresh. Like it all happened yesterday.… Continue reading Y fot Yesterday | AtoZ Challenge

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S for Sanskaari Bahu | AtoZ Challenge

Sanskaari (adj) - Cultured and well-manneredBahu (n) - Daughter in-lawSasuji (n) - Mother-in-lawShaadi (n) - MarriageUntil about yesterday, I had decided that today's post would be dedicated to Sarso ka tel because it has played a vital role in Baby Hashtag's well-being. And then, just this morning, I read an​ article which was so fundamentally… Continue reading S for Sanskaari Bahu | AtoZ Challenge