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O for Oxymoronic Lives | AtoZ Challenge

There was this song in some random Bollywood movie I heard a long time ago. I could probably Google the movie by the name of the song and might as well mention the name here. But I think it would just be a waste of time, just like those 10 seconds you must have wasted… Continue reading O for Oxymoronic Lives | AtoZ Challenge

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M for Modern Family | AtoZ Challenge

I am stepping on the daily blogging bandwagon a tad too late, but I am on it nevertheless. Also, the letter for today is M which stands for a sitcom I absolutely love. Modern Family. I am sure this show has a lot of fans. And if you have not heard about the show, it… Continue reading M for Modern Family | AtoZ Challenge

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#ShaadiSeries : The Honeymoon Ritual

The Honeymoon Ritual is the last and probably the most unnecessary ritual of the wedding extravaganza!I have seen a LOT of couples actually delaying their wedding dates so that coincide with a more favourable time to travel. Dates have been pushed back and forth trying to accommodate a 'so-called' honeymoon budget. The idea of a… Continue reading #ShaadiSeries : The Honeymoon Ritual

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Spunk and Colour – Meenakshi Pamnani

It started out in the early months of 2016 when I conceptualised and decided to document and chart the journey of fashion prominent women bloggers in Hyderabad. I knew some of these bloggers personally and I reached out to a couple more and received the warmest reception from them. The plan did hit a bump… Continue reading Spunk and Colour – Meenakshi Pamnani

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#ShaadiSeries : 11 Things I would have done differently in my wedding

Right now, I am 9 months into my wedding but most days I feel like it only happened yesterday. But then there are times it feels like it was years ago, what with all that is happening in life at such a fast pace. Looking back at my wedding, I do have regrets about how… Continue reading #ShaadiSeries : 11 Things I would have done differently in my wedding